Earn Crypto While Cycling.Running.Trade bicycles.

Bike n Run is a Web3 Fitness application based on Move-to-Earn and the game-Fi system. Users equipped with an item bike that can earn tokens by cycling the bicycle to school, workplace, trips, or even training.

What is Bike n Run ?

Bike n Run is the first bike-to-earn community-based platform, a web3 fitness application that encourages users to have a healthy lifestyle and earn rewards while exercising.

Bike System

Bike n Run runs on the Binance Smart Chain network and is managed by $BNR tokens, which can be used to purchase NFTs and participate in various riding modes, tournaments, bike upgrades, and parts.

Our Gameplay

There are 2 riding modes. Each mode have it own rule and rewards


The amount of token earning corresponding to the distance covered while cycling, each route spent one energy. Users need a period of time to recover the energy. For each bike, the user can gain two energy at a time.


Organized 2 time a month
Top players who finis the given distant road in the shoortest time ( depending on the rule of each tournament ) can get the rewards.

Bike to Earn

Users need to either have an NFT Bike or stake $BNR tokens to participate in RIDE’s earning modes wherein users are rewarded in the form of $BNR / Bikes.


Bike n Run will launch their online e-commerce store for holders only to purchase merch and further grow of the brand.


The Marketplace provides users with the ability to trade their bikes. Also, the filter function is available within the marketplace, which gives users the freedom to easily find the bikes they are seeking.

Treasure Box

Open Treasure boxes on the Bike n Run platform and get double $BNR, part and jackpot x99.


Users can breed using 2 NFT bikes to get the latest collections and earn it more.

NFT Staking

Stake your NFT bike in order to continue earning passive income while resting.

Our Road Map

Our Road Map

Token Metrics

Our Team


Indonesian Cycling Federation


Federasi Triathlon Indonesia



Brand Ambasador

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